Skill Set Four

Skill Set Two has 9 Techniques 

Lets Get Started

This video will serve as a guide to getting started using Skill Set 4.

Skill Set 4 Coached

This video will walk you through step by step through each technique in Skill Set 4.  If you want to work on individual techniques you can choose them below.

Practice Plan

  1. Skill Set 4 can be done anywhere you have a surface to strike off of.
  2. Practice striking the ball in a straight line, the ball should return right to your foot.
  3. Practice hitting a target.
  4. Aim Small, Miss Small.
  5. Work on striking with your instep, knuckle of your big toe or laces.
  6. Strike the ball square, in the center.

Skill Set 4 Videos

You can watch these videos to follow along.

1. Blaster

  1. Pull ball back from left to right with sole of Right foot
  2. Push ball forward & to right with inside of Right foot.
  3. Pull  ball back from right to left with sole of Left foot.
  4. Push ball forward and to left with inside of Left foot.
  5. Repeat 5 times.

2. Blaster Rifle

  1. Dribble ball using quick touches and small steps.  Use the inside and outside of both your right and left feet.

3. Mighty Micks

  1. Use the outside of your right foot to push the ball forward, move to your right and around the obsticle.  
  2. Use the outsdie of your left foot to continue moveing the ball forward, move to your left and around the obsticle.
  3. Repete 

4. Droids

  1. Touch ball to left with inside of Right foot.
  2. Touch ball to right with inside of Left foot.
  3. Repeate 5 more times
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