How do you compare to other XFactor Soccer Players?
Lets get down to the...

Brass Tacks

Brass Tacks

In the 1800’s people would put brass tacks on a table at a set distances, this would allow them to quickly measure anything that was sold by the foot or yard.  So we use the term as they did, to measure.  We measure performance by timing players doing the Skill Sets.  You can then compare your own performance to other XFactor players.   



Number of Players by Time

This graph represents 168 time trials for Skill Set 1. The number in the bar is the number of players that had a time in the range listed at the bottom of the bar.  As you can see 50 players had times between 25 and 30 seconds.

The average time for all players  was 30.6 . 

Average Times by Skill Level

Some players know all of the techniques and some just fake it.

In order to improve our method for comparing times  we have to make considerations for the quality of performance.  We call this Professional Judgement.

We rank players 1 to 5, with one being the best.

Level 1 – Knows all of the techniques and performs them correctly.
Level 2 – Knows all of the techniques but may have 3 or less errors.
Level 3 – Knows the techniques but may have 3 or more errors.
Level 4 – Knows most but does not know all of the techniques.
 – Knows only a few  of the techniques.